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for now, the only thing we're growing on this farm is kids - not the goat variety

About Harrison Farm

We are a family of 6 living in Tennessee. Several years ago we lived in rural Alabama and had a homestead there. At that time we purchased the harrisonfarm domain. Though we are not currently on a farm, we may be one day in the future, so we’re holding onto this domain and writing about various things that interest us.


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  1. Hi, I’m Rachele, mom to Marina and Sara, I left a message last month in the “barefoot” page. Thank you for having replied to it !
    I had lost trace of your site, and finally I’ve found it again today, so I’m writing to you, just to stay in touch from the other side of the Ocean! The world can reaaly be a small place .
    Do you have an email address ? I would like to send a pic of my girls – your children are gorgeous (and their parents, too!).
    Best wishes

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