Rosebud lost her first tooth on Mother’s Day. That morning we took a picture of it because it was so very loose and because we were going to be out for the day. I wanted to pull it for her, but she wanted to have none of that.

We hiked around Cerro Santa Lucia with VogelJoy (more on that in another post), then rode the metro to the La Florida mall. While eating an apple there, Rosebud’s tooth started bleeding, and Mrs.VogelJoy and I exchanged knowing glances. When I looked at Rosebud again, the tooth was gone. “Where’s your tooth?!” I asked.

Rosebud looked at me blankly. Then felt for her tooth.

She laughed; then she cried. She laughed/cried.

We never found it.

Doodle sweetly offered to write a note to the tooth fairy. The next morning the note was gone and some money was in its place. We’re not sure though that it was the tooth fairy. Here in Latin America, it’s Ratón Pérez (a mouse) who comes for children’s teeth. I asked Rosebud who came, but she threw up her hands declaring, “I don’t know; I was asleep!”