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John Williams Tribute

Are your kids Star Wars fans? Superman? Indiana Jones maybe? If so (or even if not), you might enjoy this John Williams tribute. This fellow, Corey Vidal, is lip-syncing (and doing a fine job of it, I might add) to the Moosebutter quartet vocals. Knowing about the lip-syncing might spoil it a bit for you, but maybe you’d rather find out sooner rather than later. If not…well, sorry.

EVEN STILL this is just really fun.

Doodle Said…(X)

Pointing at his foot yesterday, Doodle said, “Mama, my little piggy who stayed home got hurt.”

This is What I Saw

This is what I got yesterday morning after I told Doodle to get his pajamas off & put away and to put on his underwear and clothes.

(In case you can’t tell, that’s his underwear on his head.)

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