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for now, the only thing we're growing on this farm is kids - not the goat variety

About Us

We’re a family of 6 with one foot in the US and the other in Santiago, Chile: a place we’ve really grown to appreciate. We used to have a little homestead and got the harrisonfarm domain back then. And even though we don’t currently have a farm, we’ve kept the domain. After all, we might have one again someday. We’d like that. For now, though, we’re just growing our four kids, and some plants.  Nice to meet ya.


  1. Really enjoyed what I have seen and read. Keep up the good work, especially the barefoot lifestyle. The kids, and we older folks really need it to relate to the earth, God, and ourselves.

  2. Loved reading about the Ferris Wheel. I always wondered why its called Ferris Wheel.
    And I so agree with what Terry Collins writes.

    BTW, I am frm Calcutta, India and would love to live on a farm. And yes keep the domain one day God willing u ll all live on a farm.

  3. I love to read about your adventures in my native Chile. I have learned the English name for Chirimoyas and Chancaca, which I never quite figured out how to even explain to people here in the US. Maybe, you can write one about fish names one day. Fish markets are quite fun down there.
    I hope you guys are having a wonderful time in Santiago and stay in touch.
    All the best,
    Juan Pablo

  4. Hi!! I have been thinking about y’all a lot lately, and this morning something took me to my blog, which I haven’t touched in years. Along the side of it was a link to several other friends’ blogs, so there y’all were!I enjoyed stopping in for a visit; it looks like you’re doing well! Love and miss you all!
    Happy Easter!
    Stephy & family

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