I never would have thought that I would camp with a 3-week old baby, but I did, and things went quite smoothly.

Since we wanted to camp with the older kids while the weather was still nice, and since the wee one has been pretty easy so far, we decided to go for it. We’re so glad we did. I slept on my back on a foam pad with Rosebud on my chest. She always sleeps well that way, and I wanted to make sure she would be warm enough since we were expecting temperatures in the mid 40’s for the night. It didn’t get that cold, though, and I had her overdressed. By morning she was sweating! But we both slept well, and that’s what mattered.

We had a wonderful time together as a family. The older kids just can’t get enough of camping! Marathon took Carman, Sudoku, and Doodle biking and playing by the Ocoee River. He and the older 2 pitched the tent. The kids handled gathering firewood and kindling, and we all pitched in with meal preparation and clean up. I sat in a chair most of the time with a baby in my lap and sometimes a book in my hand. It was a wonderful change of pace for all of us.