suwithbutterflycagesv.JPGLast year at about this time, we had the privilege of watching caterpillars grow, spin cocoons, and then hatch into butterflies, thanks to a wonderful gift Sudoku received from my brother and his wife. The gift included a butterfly cage (which is great for holding all sorts of bugs after the butterflies leave), caterpillars, and instructions on how to care for and feed them.

The most exciting part for Sudoku was when she released the 5 butterflies a few days after they had hatched. The first 4 either flew out on their own or flew away when lifted out of the cage. The 5th, though, linger for the longest time – several minutes – on Sudoku’s hand, as if it was saying a long good-bye. It made her day!

I was reminded of the gift yesterday when we saw what looked like a painted lady butterfly. Butterflies usually do not stray far from where they were born. So maybe, just maybe, we saw a descendant from one of the butterflies she hatched!