The swf that you call from Kimili is the controller, not the movie!

Okay, so I’ve got that straight and now wordpress pulls in the controller but not the movie. Here is the output from a successful embed of the code:

Here’s the Kimili site. See FAQ at bottom.

This seems to be an important comment at WP support:

Embedding is OK for small files, but when files get big (high res or long) then it’s best to link to another page.

At this point, I see no reason why all those files couldn’t be hosted on a separate site, so I’ll try that if all else fails.

Doesn’t work. I sent the following question to Camtasia Support:

I cannot get your flash player/output to embed in a WordPress page. I have the same situation as “Emersond” on this page at your forum:

No one has answered his question. The bottom comment was not helpful.

A timely answer would be much appreciated.


Here is their answer:


I’m sorry you are having issues with getting this to work. However, what they are referring to in that forum thread are third party applications that we do not work with. Also, the forums are User-to-User forums, and Brooks is only trying to help since he’s familiar with the third party app. What I would recommend is that you create an account with our forums and submitt your question/issue there since you are inquiring about something that’s completely out of our Free Technical Support.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Kind Regards,
TechSmith Support

This launches me into one final experiment before I abandon Camtasia as a flash-creation tool. (see Quest, pt 6)