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Halfway around the Sun from Christmas


It’s a long, long way to the sun. 93 million miles. If you wanted to go there by our current means of space travel, how long would it take?

The manned-spacecraft speed record stands at about 11,000 meters per second, which is 6.83 miles per second, which is about 25,000 miles per hour.

So that means that you could travel the distance to the sun in 155 days. But what if you had to go to the sun and then an equal distance beyond it? Then we’re looking at 310 days or about 10 months.

You’re wondering: why would we care about the “equal distance beyond it” part?

Why? Because that’s where Christmas is.


That’s right. Christmas is 186 million miles away from you on this day (June 25th). You probably don’t think of days of the year as a place, but in the context of our solar system, that’s what they are.

When you look at the sunrise or sunset today, try to visualize that spot on the other side of the sun where Christmas lives. It’s a staggering distance from where you are now.

But here’s the cool part.

Forget the spaceship, rocket fuel, and mammoth calculations. You don’t even need NASA approval to make the trip to Christmas. That’s right, just sit tight on planet earth and you will be taken on an amazing journey to the other side of the sun . . .

. . . in just six months, not the ten that your spaceship could do.

And earth will take you there, not on a straight line, but in a near-perfect arc. This means the trip actually covers 292 million miles and has the benefit of not getting too close to the sun, which would vaporize you.

So, you decide which route you’ll take to Christmas. I think I’ll stay on Spaceship Earth for the trip.

See you there!


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  1. Or do like your crazy Chandler friends do…and celebrate “on Spaceship Earth” the fact that six months (or the 186 million miles!) are already behind us! Woohoo!

    Now we only have six more months/186 million miles to go! Or according to my calculations, we have approximately 120 days left before we can unashamedly begin playing our Christmas music on November 1st!! Yeah!!!

    (Yet according to retailers, it’s less than that ’til we get to listen to our “holiday” music while feeling inadequate unless we begin filling our buggies with our “holiday” purchases….dare we say, early!)

    Again, “Woohoo! We’re half-way there!”

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