Update on 7sept07:

I’ve decided the “zoom problem” (described in detail in the links at right) is insoluble and have instead changed my video-generation process to work around this glitch by just using the “capture” method rather than the “drag and drop”, which I prefer.

If you are aware of a fix or of a bona fide competitor for Camtasia Studio, please leave a note at the bottom of this page. Thanks.

Articles I still need to write:

  • Document the problem with pics and video
  • Include my dialogue with Camtasia support
  • Report on my experience attempting to do the workaround suggested by Camtasia support
  • Compare the two ways of creating a video using Camtasia: screen capture and drag & drop
  • Best practice for making a screen capture video, start to finish
    • perpare pics, ordered and sized for best capture in ??
    • narrate/zoom/annotate with lots of pauses
    • pull to camproj and touch up
  • Best practice for making a drag/drop video, start to finish
    • pre-edit pics to deal with camtasia zoom problem?
    • dump pics into camtasia, drag onto timeline in order
    • narrate audio
    • adjust frame timing
    • if you’re doing the camtasia-recommended fix:
      • write to avi
      • pull avi into a new file
      • add title/close/zooms
      • if you want to cut in pictures later, repeat these steps