Imagine lying down on the floor where you are right now. Imagine it is a hard wood or tile floor.

Now imagine that you could close your eyes, let your mind wander, and relax.

After about 2-4 minutes, you begin to notice that your thoughts have lost coherence.

Suddenly, you awaken, feeling as though you’ve had a good, 2+ hour nap.

Then you look at your watch and realize that you laid down only 12 minutes ago!!!

Seem impossible?

It’s not. I’ve done it hundreds of times. In college, I reduced the total time to 7 minutes, but since then I’ve found that the optimal time is about 10-15 minutes.

Once you’ve trained your body to do it (using an alarm), your body will find its own optimum time.

The micronap is amazing, but it is not in itself a solution to drowsiness. After college, I struggled with drowsiness even though I knew of the micronap. Rather, the micronap is a small part of the whole picture.

I look at it as a solution for tiredness rather than drowsiness.