I just learned that I should write motherlode and not motherload. Marathon informed me. Here is the definition of motherlode: the main vein of ore in a region, an abundant rich source. Motherload, on the other hand, is considered slang. Now I know.

Tuesday I got a mass e-mail from a friend who is moving. She didn’t want to cart all of her homeschooling material with her since her kids will be in “regular” school this year. All of her material needed to go, so she was ready to let them go cheaply. I quickly jumped on it all. Here I am sorting through it all (what you can see in the picture is about 2/3 of what I got), deciding what to keep and what to sell. The kids are in hog heaven with loads of new reading material all over the place.

There is so much great material out there: Konos, A History of US, Grammar Songs, Shurley English, Math U See…..the list goes on and on. Too much great stuff to be able to process in a lifetime. Too bad we have to spend time working instead of learning and frolicking all day with the kids. But then, learning to work (& enjoy it) is what we really want the kids to learn anyway, right? I’m sure there is a balance somewhere. Hopefully we’re not too far from it.

Unfortunately, I had my back to them most of the day as I tried to process all of this stuff. Now that the urgent stuff has been dealt with, we’ll be able to (mostly) return to our regular routine tomorrow.