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Rosebud Rolls Over


Rosebud rolled from front to back accidentally when she was 7 weeks old. When she lifted that heavy head, if it tipped too far to one side, the rest of her body would follow her head and over she’d go. But now, just shy of 4 months, she can purposefully roll from back to front and front to back.

She is a delight. Each baby I’ve had has been easier than the previous one. Probably the difference is me – not the babies. But Rosebud quickly and easily falls asleep by herself. And when she’s awake, she’s happy, with coos and giggles. If pregnancy were as delightful… – milkmaid


  1. My 3rd and 4th babies were very easy, delightful babies, too. Then we had our fifth. Different story. Very high maintenance as an infant. Don’t say you weren’t warned. 😉

  2. Milkmaid

    August 21, 2007 at 10:20 am

    Well…that blows my theory. Thanks for the reality check.

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