No, this wasn’t a “slain in the Spirit” experience. It was a case of low blood sugar, standing with locked knees (throughout a praise song, a responsive reading and then a 6-verse hymn), and standing in sunlight. We were on the 6th (and final) verse of the hymn, when, without warning, Sudoku fell down.She had passed out. Of course, it scared me terribly. I picked her up, made sure she was OK (by then she was already waking up), and carried her out of church. Marathon had Doodle in his arms, so he stayed with the other kids until he could get them all stable before coming to check on Sudoku with me.

Some church members who live across the street from the church building let us go to their house to let Sudoku rest and eat. She had only eaten watermelon for breakfast, so her stomach had long been empty. Only watermelon for breakfast?? I’m afraid so. Sunday is the one morning of the week that I don’t prepare everyone’severyone’s breakfast. It is more of a everyone- fends-for-himself scenario. Well, the watermelon-only menu won’t cut it for Sudoku. Hard lesson learned.

She was just dandy after eating and drinking some juice and was laughing about it later. That was good for me. I needed to hear her laugh….I felt terrible.