Today the three “big” kids and I had our teeth cleaned at a local dental hygienist school. When you have a large family, there are several advantages to using this service.

  • It’s inexpensive – about 1/4 the price of our regular dental service.
  • They are in training, and though the process is slow, an instructor is looking over the hygienist’s shoulder every step of the way. If something is done incorrectly or incompletely, it has to be re-done until it is right.
  • Since they are cleaning your teeth for training rather than profit, there are no time stipulations on them such as “you have to have this patient’s cleaning completed within 20 minutes.”
  • Though appointments take a while (we have to allot 3 hours!), all 4 of us were seen at the same time (by different hygienist’s, of course.) So, I’m not spending much more time at the dental clinic than if I scheduled back-to-back appointments for everyone at the regular dental office.
  • They like to educate! (More on this in another post.)

Thanks to Laura Mundee (bookgrl at for this fun photo. – milkmaid