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2007 Fall Costume Party

A gracious family of our church hosts a costume party each fall for the children (and some of the adults) in the church. This year we took Rosebud, a clown, a woodsman, and a lolli-popping 50’s girl to the event.

Marathon and I manned the “Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin” game. Unfortunately, he and I didn’t have time to dress up. We were barely able to get the kids ready and arrive on time since we had been away from home most of the day.

Here are a few pictures.

nc.JPG Continue reading

Problems with Inserting HTML code in WordPress Posts and Pages

Marathon has done a lot of experimenting with videos on websites.

Though not nearly as technical, I’ve had my own little experiments and mishaps with the simple process of uploading html code to this site. Here’s my experience with this WordPress site. Continue reading

Sudoku Learns Pain Management

Not long ago, Sudoku had her first fainting experience. (See Sudoku falls out in church.) After that experience, we talked about the warning signs of passing out and some of the reasons people faint. She listened and took it all in. Yesterday this happened. Continue reading

They Don’t Need Me


I was running on the street with Carman and Sudoku a couple of mornings ago. Actually, they weren’t with me but ahead of me. They like to try to beat me – and they do. Anyway, I’m running down the street, watching my 2 older children run along ahead of me, chatting with each other. They seem so mature, so capable.

Then the thought hit me. If something were to happen, and I died right now, they would be okay. Continue reading

Birthday Happys

In spite of the weather being gray and rainy, my birthday was such a happy one for me. Carman & Sudoku were sneakily doing a lot of writing in the day or 2 before my birthday. When the day arrived, I was flooded with some homemade cards and about 60 coupons from the kids.

What kind of coupons? They are mostly for chores the kids will do around the house for me. Things like ( in their own spelling):

vacume the house

Read 10 books to Doodle

trim front bushs

clean all cobwebs

work in garden for 10 minits

fold laundry

dust base boards

give mama 8 kises

I will be quiit for 20 m.

I will make skrambld eags

What could be a better gift for a busy mother? I feel so loved that they took so much time to think of and write these things down. They are eager for me to cash in these coupons but have graciously given them an expiration date of one year from my birthday.

Rosebud Knows Toes


At nearly six months, Rosebud’s discovering her voice, scooting across the floor, rolling over (front to back, back to front, right or left), but isn’t sitting up yet. She loves to laugh, enjoys being tickled, and likes to suck on chins.

End of Swimming Season

It has been more than a month since Doodle and I were in the pool. It just got too cold for us by the end of September.

We didn’t meet our Doodle-safe-in-the-water goal, but we did make good progress and should be able to get off to a good start when the swimming season starts up again in late spring.

The Little Swimmer Vest, although cumbersome, did help Doodle get stronger quickly. I’ll be interested to see how quickly he’ll be able to shed the foam pads next summer.

Birthday Baby Carrier

I have an October birthday, and this month I’ve decided to treat myself and Rosebud to a deluxe baby carrier. My sis-in-law introduced me to the ERGO baby carriers when Doodle was 15 months old. I liked it a lot, but didn’t feel I could justify spending the money since he was already walking and would be wanting to walk more and more rather than being carried. Continue reading

Soccer Wrap Up


Yesterday the soccer league had a season finale – a round robin of sorts. It was a refreshingly cool morning, so Sudoku and Doodle huddled under a blanket during Carman’s first game. Both kids made one final goal as they bid the season farewell.

We left the fields satisfied that we had put a lot into the season and got a lot in return.

Thanks, Marathon dear, for instigating the practice drills, going to practices, being the coach/encourager the kids needed, and for making the evening family soccer games happen. Good, good memories were made. – milkmaid

A Day Off with the UT Marching Band


Now that cool morning weather has arrived, the older kids (and I too) have started running about a mile 3 mornings a week. On Fridays, we typically do a time trial of a shorter distance (about 1/4 mile) where we try to beat our personal record. Yesterday morning all 3 of us broke our records!

As a reward, we took off school for the day (a benefit of schooling year-round) and decided to go see the UT Marching Band. They were stopping at Miller Park on their way to Tuscaloosa for today’s game. The weather was perfect.

It was a nice change of pace for us, and Doodle loved watching the mascot.

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