I’m all about fixing up the ol’ home place. And I love being able to do it myself so that I can save Marathon’s time for the big projects that I can’t handle. (Think: removing a wall, refacing cabinets, replacing recessed lights, changing out the floor…)

So, what can I do? Among other things, I can paint. But not with children underfoot. For years now, when I’ve wanted to paint a room I’ve done it piece meal during nap time or after the kids have gotten in bed at night.

Now, though, my strategy has changed. My 2 oldest are old enough to do the painting for me (and I can save that quiet time when they are sleeping for other endeavors.)

This week we’ve been painting the old stained wooden wainscoting in the eating area of our eat-in kitchen. The white paint has brightened up the room so much. I’m doing the close trim work in the kitchen and the high areas in the laundry, but Carman & Sudoku are handling everything else. While they paint, I manage the little ones and refill their paint containers where they need it. So much is getting done, and they are enjoying themselves. We’re almost finished in the kitchen, but still have a lot to do in the laundry room because of all the shelves. We’re just working for about an hour each day; I don’t want to burn them out. Hopefully we’ll be able to have it all completed by the weekend.