I’ve read that there’s a lot involved in painting kitchen cabinets – especially because they require a lot of serious cleaning. Grime from our hands and grease from cooking coats the cabinets over time, and paint cannot adhere to those things. (I’m not ready to tackle cabinets…yet.)

When I decided to paint the wainscoting, I cleaned it with a damp cloth, primed it, and painted it. Marathon found some places that needed caulking, and in the process of doing that, the tip of the caulk gun pulled off some of the paint & primer on the trim piece on top of the wainscoting!

So here’s the problem. The top trim of the wainscoting is about a one inch width piece that sticks out from the wall. It appears that on that little ledge, we’ve got the grime/grease factor going on – mainly on the two sections by doorways and light switches where hands might grab or rest there. Anyway, it was a bit discouraging. But since it’s just on the trim piece, and since it’s just in a few select places, I’m just going to re-prime & paint there and encourage everyone to keep there hands off.

Everything else looks fine. We’re enjoying the change.