Now that the weather has been cooling off, we’ve turned the AC off and opened the windows. Unfortunately, we haven’t enjoyed the “fresh” air coming in the house. Some cats have been making use of the mulch around the house and are not doing a good job of covering it up.

My research says I should try the following:

  • Use large mulch – especially prickly things like sweet gum balls. I know that this must work. We have a small, hidden place right next to the house where we toss pine cones and sticks from the yard. I have never noticed foul odors coming from there.
  • Sprinkle pepper liberally on the mulch. This need to be done every few days.
  • Invest in a motion-sensed sprinkling system. I don’t think I’ll try this one any time soon.

Wish me luck… – milkmaid

photo by Wytze Alers