In spite of the weather being gray and rainy, my birthday was such a happy one for me. Carman & Sudoku were sneakily doing a lot of writing in the day or 2 before my birthday. When the day arrived, I was flooded with some homemade cards and about 60 coupons from the kids.

What kind of coupons? They are mostly for chores the kids will do around the house for me. Things like ( in their own spelling):

vacume the house

Read 10 books to Doodle

trim front bushs

clean all cobwebs

work in garden for 10 minits

fold laundry

dust base boards

give mama 8 kises

I will be quiit for 20 m.

I will make skrambld eags

What could be a better gift for a busy mother? I feel so loved that they took so much time to think of and write these things down. They are eager for me to cash in these coupons but have graciously given them an expiration date of one year from my birthday.