Not long ago, Sudoku had her first fainting experience. (See Sudoku falls out in church.) After that experience, we talked about the warning signs of passing out and some of the reasons people faint. She listened and took it all in. Yesterday this happened.

Sudoku was outside by herself swinging on the rope swing. Somehow she bit her tongue really hard, the worst she’d ever bitten it, she said. She wanted to scream but knew she wasn’t in imminent danger, so she controlled her desire to scream by holding her hand over her mouth and pacing around in the yard. About 20 seconds after the painful bite, she started seeing black stars. She sat down, then laid down in the grass. After a couple of minutes she sat up but still felt woozy, so she laid back down for another minute or 2.

By the time she came in and related this story to me, her tongue was sore but okay, and she was smiling, proud that she had handled herself so well.

Yep…they don’t need me. 🙂