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Visits from Mimi



We’ve been spoiled by Mimi lately. She’s been making frequent trips for kids’ birthdays and to see how Rosebud is growing. For this most recent visit, she brought Granny with her so that she could (finally) meet her namesake. We had a relaxed day of visiting, and Sudoku and I snapped a lot of pictures.



Homeschooling Nuggets from an Empty Nester


Last night, our local homeschool group had a mom’s meeting. Our special guest, who let us pick her brain, was a mom of 4 who started homeschooling 25 years ago. She had met Raymond Moore (author of Home Grown Kids and Better Late Than Early) and was friends with the home schooling developers of the Konos curriculum. Here are some of the highlights of what she shared: Continue reading

Doodle Said…(II)


This morning Doodle came out rubbing one eye. “I have something in my eye,” he said. Then loudly, “Call a lawyer!!”

Whew. He keeps us in stiches.

Ron Paul Banners

How do you communicate a message that is…

  • Strange to the normal person’s ear, yet
  • Self-evident, containing the ring of truth

In a form that is …

  • Accessible
  • Timeless
  • Bearing a dignity worthy of the message

How about these alliterated banner suggestions for a modern-day Founding Father? Continue reading

Xylitol Gum

I’ve recently been learning about the health (primarily dental) benefits of xylitol gum. Xylitol, a natural sugar, helps decrease bacteria counts in the mouth. Trident gum contains some xylitol, but this gum is sweetened with 100% xylitol. So, we’re giving it a try. I’ve shopped around, and so far, this is the best deal I’ve found since all purchase prices include shipping!

FREE Shipping on ElimiTaste ZAPP and SmokeScreen Chewing Gum. Not Available in stores. Sugar Free and Aspartame Free. Long Lasting Cool Flavor, sweetened with 100% Xylitol.

Rosebud at 5 Months


Here’s Rosebud in the jumper. This is where we usually put her during meal time. At other times, though, she generally prefers to be on her belly scooting around on the floor. And, boy, can she scoot now! She’s not really crawling yet, but she can get across a room surprisingly quickly. She’s been experimenting with her voice lately too, which has made church rather exciting for the last few weeks.

Soccer Success for Carman


From the first game of the season, we were surprised and impressed by the ball-handling skills some of the boys in this community soccer league. This was serious ball – no standing around chewing the fat on the field in this age group. Carman worked hard, and by the end of the season, was really enjoying playing on the team, initiating soccer time with the family, doing drills in the backyard….but it wasn’t always that way. He didn’t really mind playing before, but it was hot, hard work, and he knew he had a lot to learn. He did learn – and quick.

But some of the boys had been playing for years. A few of them played year-round. So, we didn’t know that Carman would ever get to a point (i.e. score, give an assist, etc.) where he could know that he was a factor on the field.

But that moment did come. Here’s how I heard about it. Continue reading

Doodle Said…

very enthusiastically after falling off the couch, “Mama, did you see my cool stunt!?” – milkmaid

css experiment

Butterfly photograph by Brent VanFossen

Grizzly Bear photograph by Lorelle VanFossen

Grand Canyon photograph by Brent VanFossen



Preserving your Digital History

What follows is my plan for backing up the important files from our computers. These files represent ideas, hard work, and precious memories. They warrant a logical backup plan.

This plan assumes you have a network between your computers, and one computer with a biggish drive (the “backup drive”) and a DVD burner. You’ll also need a program like Karen’s Replicator (free) to make backups for you automatically. You’ll want to find a location for keeping these DVDs that would survive a fire in your house/business. We won’t be depending heavily on these backup DVDs: they’re mainly for giving ourselves “a chance to get lucky”.

I’m going to break our files down into four categories:

  1. Really important and active business files. These will be saved on the local drive, the backup drive, and (once every ??) will be saved onto DVD-R and placed offsite. This includes:
    1. all active business folders
    2. all the idea and knowledge-base photos
    3. a well-maintained “biz audio” mp3 library (not music)
    4. (separate out archival video files that won’t be used within the quarter and don’t include them here.)
  2. “Lightweight files” of high and medium importance. By lightweight I mean file types that don’t use much memory. This would not include video, audio, or photos, but rather spreadsheets, letters, emails, etc… These files will be backed up to an offsite, online repository like Mozy. You can usually get 2GB for free, which should suffice for these lightweight files.
  3. Non-active but Keepers. This could include:
    1. family photos/video
    2. all the digital music
    3. (archived video for FR)
    4. non-active biz stuff
  4. “Unlikely to ever need again” These will be written to DVD and then deleted from the original and backup drive:
    1. Heavyweight, archival video footage that is unlikely to need to be reworked or re-edited.
    2. “snapshot” style backups — once a quarter, write the backup folders to a DVD and then delete them completely. Karen’s replicator will re-create the folders, but only with what is still in the replicator source.
    3. “pure archive” stuff (like AA or old cabs biz projects) that is unlikely to be needed again.

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