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Tongues & Bird Brains


Carman & Sudoku attended an educational program at our local nature center yesterday. The program was about the endangered red wolf and the local revitalization effort. When I asked about what they learned at the program, they were excited to tell me about woodpeckers – not red wolves.

The woodpecker, as you might already know, has a very long tongue that it sticks deep into the holes it has pecked to find those tasty grubs and bugs. Do you know what the tongue is doing while the woodpecker is pecking? Continue reading

An Ekssschange with Doodle

During our visit with family over the Thanksgiving holiday, Doodle had this cute exchange with his cousin Bright Eyes, who speaks exceptionally well for his age.

D, pointing to a picture in a book: That’s a kunk.

B: That’s not a kunk. It’s a skunk!

D: Yeah. A kunk.

B: No. It’s a skunk.

It was very funny to see a 2 1/2 year old correct a 3 year old.

Several days later when we were settled in back home, Doodle and I were reading books together. Again, he pointed to a picture in a book. Continue reading

Doodle Sings “I’m a Little Teapot”

This is a clip from our homeschool group’s fall recital. Continue reading

Private Property, friend of Freedom and Equality

“It seems obvious to me now – though I was slow coming to the conclusion – that the institution of private property, the dispersion of power and importance that goes with it, has been a main factor in producing that limited amount of free-and-equalness which Marx hoped to render infinite by abolishing this institution.” — Max Eastman

Doodle Said…(III)

Doodle and I were spending some time together yesterday afternoon, getting ready to read some books together. “How did you get so handsome?” I asked him.

“Well, it’s because Mimi combed my hair,” he replied matter-of-factly.

This cracked me up because 1) he hasn’t seen Mimi in almost a month; 2) it has been several months since she combed his hair; and 3), because I think his hair looks great almost all the time (he doesn’t get the morning spikes like Carman), I seldom comb his hair at all. He must think that the effects of the hair combing from Mimi has lasted a really long time. Thanks, Mimi! – milkmaid

Nuggets from Carman’s Car Research

car finders, consumer reports

It has been so fun to see Carman develop and pursue his interest in cars (hence the screen-name, Carman.) On his own, he’s doing real research and developing his own conclusions.

His interest began when he was a wee tyke with matchbox cars. As he grew and learned to read, he’d notice what types of cars passed us on the roads. Before long, he could call makes and models long before any letters were in sight.

Not long ago, he got the Consumer Reports Used Car Buying Guide. Continue reading


This is footage from the Fall Recital, November 17, 2007 Continue reading

My Favorite Quiche Recipe

spinach quiche, corn relish & cherry tomatoes

You’ll only be able to enjoy this recipe if you don’t believe that saturated fats are bad for you. It’s yummy – especially when served with fresh tomatoes and lacto-fermented corn relish. It you add a green salad in the summer and soup in the winter, the quiche will probably last for 2 meals! The leftovers are also great eaten cold. When I was pregnant, I loved eating this spinach quiche cold.

Here’s the recipe. Continue reading

A Post about Fats

Saturated fats do not cause heart disease. I know it sounds shocking the first time you hear it. I was rather scandalized several years ago when first confronted with this theory. After all, I have a degree in home economics with lots of college nutrition and cooking classes under my belt. But there is actually no evidence that saturated fats cause heart disease. It seems to be a scary case of making the data fit a hypothesis.

In an article by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon titled “Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Research,” they argue that “for the last four decades, saturated fats have been blamed for the misdeeds of polyunsaturated fats, trans fats, and refined carbohydrates.” (Caution: Don’t confuse saturated fats with the awful-for-you trans or hydrogenated fats!)

The article lists the following as benefits of saturated fats: Continue reading

Rosebud Sits


At 6 and 1/2 months, Rosebud can now sit for about 2 minutes before toppling over. She can also do the army crawl. She can get up on all fours and rock on her knees but then flattens out on her belly.

Vacuuming is becoming more of a priority around here. Thread, bits of dried leaves, fuzz…all of these things entice Rosebud to practice her pincher skills, and, of course, anything she pinches goes straight to her mouth. Continue reading

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