christmas appliqued turtleneck

It has been a LONG time since I have done any sewing other than mending or minor alterations. But last week, I decided to make a skirt for Sudoku. I wanted to make something that would go with a cute Christmas turtleneck shirt that my mom appliqued for her. I was hoping to find a green corduroy to use, but settled for a medium weight cotton with embroidered polka dots (the same color as the material) that will be appropriate for most of the year here in the south.

My sewing skills being rather cold, I made a few amateur mistakes that, thankfully, didn’t cost much more than time. When cutting the material, I failed to put the correct edge of the pattern on the fold line. Thankfully, I realized what I had done before I had cut all the way around, and not too much was sacrificed in the correction.

Then, when attaching the waistband to the skirt, I sewed the skirt on backwards. I didn’t realize it until I had sewn all the way around! I put the seam ripper to work while Sudoku and I watched a Little House on the Prairie episode.

Even with my mistakes, the skirt came together quickly in just one afternoon. It’s hard to tell if Sudoku really likes it. At one point, when she was trying it on, she said, “It kind of looks like people will know my mom made it… but I guess that does make it kind of special.” Hmmm…. We’ll see if she wears it. – milkmaid