barefooted on trampoline

Here we are on the shortest day of the year. It’s gray and cool, though not really cold. Carman (in his bare feet!) has enjoyed wrestling on the trampoline with his buddy down the street. Sudoku shot this picture of him. You can see our makeshift soccer goal to the right.

We’ve enjoyed visiting with Uncle D, Marathon’s brother, who is in town now. Marathon is home today working on some gifts in his shop and repairing the heater on our car. I’m so thankful for his handiness.

I feel a bit draggy today. I drank a cup of coffee around 8pm last night (I’m not a regular drinker), and then didn’t sleep well last night. Today the older kids and I have done some schooling, a library run, & a quick Walmart exchange (there were no lines in Customer Service). Now for a little baking and gift wrapping…