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for now, the only thing we're growing on this farm is kids - not the goat variety

Month: December 2007 (page 2 of 2)

Ice Cream Cones and Christmas Music


Yes, they can go together in the south.

There is a beautiful Episcopal church downtown that has short 30-60 minute concerts each Wednesday of Advent at the noon hour. The kids and I attended one a couple of days ago. Continue reading

Lacto-Fermented Cranberry Relish

lacto fermented cranberry relish

Last week Doodle helped me make some lacto-fermented cranberry relish. I just winged it, but here’s my recollection of how we did it. Continue reading

Away from Force, toward Family and Freedom

“The true revolutionary course which must be followed toward a free world is a cautious, experimental process of further decreasing the uses of force which individuals permit to Government; of increasing the prohibitions of Government’s actions, and thus decreasing the use of brute force in human affairs.

“This is the only course toward a richer world. For the only energy creating wealth is human energy. A man is able to use his self-controlling energy effectively toward its natural aim of improving living conditions, precisely to the extent that no use of force restrains him.”

– Rose Wilder Lane, The Discovery of Freedom

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