We’ve had a lot of cold weather lately, and that has posed a problem for our regular morning long run time. On a few occasions, we waited until later in the day when the temperature was at least in the 40s before venturing out to run. But that presents the problem of interrupting the flow of our day. (I hate having to change clothes in the middle of the day.)

So, we’ve come up with something else: power-walking indoors.

I wish I had a video of it for you. We push around a few pieces of furniture in the house so that we can make a big loop, covering 4 rooms plus the hallway. We turn on some peppy music and start booking it in circles around the house for about 15 minutes.

Doing this serves a couple of purposes. It warms us up. And it helps circulate the heat from the gas logs in the great room (our morning heat souce – more on that in another post) into the rest of the house.

Today Sudoku declared it her favorite part of the day. Carman & Marathon have been walking super fast, so today they dribbled a soccer ball while power walking. That kept their speed more in line with the rest of us; plus it was great practice for them.