Doodle got some Silly Putty for Christmas, and it ended up on the carpet yesterday. There wouldn’t have been any trouble if it had just been picked up. But Doodle was feeling experimental, I guess. He had seen the older kids press their putty on things for an impression and then try to get the rest of us to guess what object made the impression.

So, when the putty landed on the carpet, he took a stool, stood it on the putty and pressed down. What a horrible mess! Pink silly putty smashed into the cream colored carpet.

Here’s how I got most of it up. First I just got up what ever I could with my fingers and a butter knife. Then I used Goof Off (which is similar to WD40) on a cloth which I rubbed on the putty. (Putting Goof Off directly on the carpet would destroy the carpet’s backing.) After working with that for about 20 minutes, I had gotten up the chunks of putty, and just a stain was left. This is what the carpet looked like at that point.

silly putty in carpet

Then I used rubbing alcohol which didn’t seem to help at all. See? Sorry for the blurry picture.

silly putty in carpet after using goof off (like wd40)

Then I used Greased Lightning. I directly sprayed the stain and scrubbed, sprayed and scrubbed, sprayed and scrubbed…. for about 10 minutes. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough.

silly putty off carpet after using greased lightening