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Month: March 2008 (page 1 of 2)

Easter Weekend


Doodle was invited to an Easter Egg Hunt with the other 3 & 4 year-olds from the church. Sudoku went with him in my place since Marathon & I were scheduled to be helping with some landscaping at the church. Doodle had a wonderful time; he found lots of eggs and had too many sweet things to eat. Continue reading

Retrieving Phone Messages Remotely


Socks Galore!


A kind neighbor had been doing some work for a local hosiery and somehow ended up with a bunch of children’s socks. He came over and asked if we’d relieve him of his burden since he doesn’t have any children. I was happy to oblige.

After bringing the packages into the house I decided to wash them all. Not until they were unloaded in the washing machine did I realize how many there were! There are over 200 pairs of socks in the photo!

As luck would have it, the three sizes fit Carman, Sudoku, and Doodle. And there should be plenty left for Rosebud’s growing feet and plenty to give away too.

Salmon Rosettes

salmon rosettes

We ate Alaskan Salmon the other night, and Sudoku said, “Look, mama! It looks like there are flowers in your fish.” Sure enough. They look like tight little roses. Just beautiful.

Niedlov’s Bakery

Niedlov’s Bakery

At Chattanooga’s Niedlov’sNiedlov’s Bakery, bread is made the old fashioned way. It tastes sour, chewy, delicious – especially with a pat of butter.

Carman, Sudoku, a sleeping Rosebud, and I had the pleasure of visiting Niedlov’s Bakery with some fellow homeschoolers. Continue reading

Book Review: The Great Turkey Walk

The latest read-aloud that we completed was The Great Turkey Walk by Kathleen Karr. At first I thought this book was a joke. At least, we used to joke about herding chickens when we would move them from paddock to paddock on our small farm several years ago.

But this book is about some serious poultry herding: 1000 bronze turkeys walking from Missouri to Denver in pre-Civil War America. Such turkey herding actually took place years ago. Continue reading

On Family Fun

A friend recently commented on the playfulness of our family. I must say — the family fun is mostly attributable to Marathon. He has always been playful. He was the smarty-pants class clown in school (from what I’ve gathered) and that spirit is still in him today.

Playing and goofing off is one of his ways of unwinding. Continue reading

The First Ferris Wheel

The original Ferris wheel

The kids and I recently read The Great Wheel by Robert Lawson about the building of the first Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheels I have seen and ridden are tiny in comparison to the first one, built to a whopping 264 feet (or 25 stories) in 1893 by Pittsburgh bridge-builder, George Ferris. The wheel was meant to rival the Eiffel Tower and was showcased at the World’s Colombian Exposition in Chicago.

To give you an idea of how grandiose it was, each “car” on a typical Ferris wheel can hold 2 people. The cars on the Great Wheel, however, Continue reading

Rosebud’s First Bites


Rosebud had her first bites about a month ago. In the photo Marathon is offering her mashed banana for the first time. She didn’t take to it right away, but she likes bananas now. Her favorite seems to be fried egg yolk from free range hens. She also likes cooked carrots and sweet potato, and she’ll tolerate applesauce and yoghurt. We also tried cooked green peas, but she doesn’t have enough teeth to deal with the skins yet.

Vinegar – the Cookie Jar Freshener

cookie jar

Sometime over the Christmas holidays, when the cookie jar was emptied and cleaned, it got closed, sealed, and put away when it wasn’t completely dry inside. I didn’t notice until I was ready to fill the jar again a month or more later.

The mildewy smell was evident as soon as I opened the jar. Continue reading

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