honeysuckle bush bloom

Right now there is a lot of green coming up in the yard – the grass, of course, the variegated monkey grass, shrubs and trees getting their new leaves…and there are little bursts of color from the ornamental apple tree and the beautiful honeysuckle bush. It’s a happy time outside for the birds and I.

I also like the rich brown color of damp dirt. I love working outside in the spring in anticipation of things to come. Of course, seeing the irises, daffodils, and tulips bloom, and the cleome and lily foliage emerge, just fans the flame. I wish I were as motivated to grow vegetables. And I wish the motivation didn’t fade so quickly when the temperature rises and the bugs come out, and the weeds are trying their hardest to foil my beautiful plans… Oh. I don’t even won’t to think about it.

lettuce and cabbage homegrown

I have some lettuce and cabbage in the ground that are doing well. I’ve put out basil and cilantro and have prepared some more room for tomatoes, peppers, and some watermelon plants.

The sunflower, zinna, and sweet pea seeds have emerged, and I’m expecting larkspur and forget me nots too. If I’m lucky, I’ll also see (I think it’s called) Carpet of Snow, a short spreading white flower. I accidentally left the seed packet in the yard, and it got rained on. When I found it the next day, the tiny seeds were still damp, so I quickly scattered them on the mulched bed in front. We’ll see if anything happens, but I’m not holding my breath.