2001 honda odyssey

We purchased a used minivan about a month ago. We had purchased Marathon’s truck through ebay a few years before and had gotten a great deal on it. Wanting to repeat that experience, I searched ebay reguarly.

The problem was finding something near us. Since we were not looking for anything unusual – unlike Marathon’s truck with utility camper – we didn’t want the burden of having to travel to see and pick up the vehicle. Also, at this point, we had a good relationship established with our local mechanic and wanted to have him vet whatever vehicle we purchased.

We were consistently seeing really good deals in Marietta (at cars.com), but we couldn’t get local dealers to match those prices. On the day we were packed and ready to leave for Marietta in search for our van, we were able to see a local Oddysey that was just what we were looking for. (Sudoku was the first to spot the ad in the paper.)

So, instead of spending the day driving to and from Atlanta, the kids enjoyed a day with the grandparents while Marathon and I spent the day trying the van, visiting the mechanic, and having a leisurely lunch together outside at a new favorite restaurant.

We’re really happy with our purchase. More on that in another post. Here I’m getting practice changing tires…just in case, you know.