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Book Review: Little Britches by Ralph Moody

We finished reading Little Britches by Ralph Moody a couple of weeks ago. I was familiar with the title but that was all. I’ll start by saying that after reading this memoir of the author’s boyhood, I’ve searched our library for more books by the author.

Little Britches is about Moody’s family adjusting to life on a Colorado ranch after having to leave New England city life so that his father could avoid the working conditions that aggravated his cough, a hangover symptom from tuberculosis. It’s a coming of age story, as Ralph works along side his father, finds his place in the local schoolhouse, and picks up odd jobs to help the family make ends meet. He learns about honesty, animals, and hard work. It’s a touching story about family life in the early 1900’s, highlighting a boy’s relationship with his father.

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  1. Thanks for the books reveiws you post! I am compiling our summer reading lists and so I’m glad for your input. (And if you have other faves, I’d be glad to read about those too!!!)

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