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Month: June 2008

Making Yoghurt

homemade yogurt

I finally tried my hand at making homemade yogurt. The process is easier than I had expected. Continue reading

Quick Summary of “Man’s Search for Meaning”

I couldn’t pass up reading a book called “Man’s Search for Meaning,” knowing it was written by a holocaust survivor. Viktor Frankl went into the concentration camps as a psychiarist with a book in the works. When he came out, having lost his wife and parents, as well as his book manuscript, he went on to found logotherapy, a school of psychotherpy, that focuses on finding meaning in one’s life. Continue reading

Storing Lacto-Fermented Condiments

The question of storing lacto-fermentation has been brought up. One of the beauties of lacto-fermentation is that you don’t have to “can” them in a water-bath or pressure canner. The thought of boiling all that water in the middle of summer is stifling. Continue reading

Product Review: Carrot Ink Cartridges

We’ve had our HP 932c printer for 7 years now. During that time we’ve keep it running smoothly on primarily refurbished cartridges from Carrot Ink. Continue reading

Librarian’s Helper

library story time

We make weekly trips to our local library for books and DVDs. After Rosebud was born, I started letting Carman and Sudoku carry our returns into our small library branch while I stayed in the car with the 2 younger children. They would return books, check out whatever items we’d placed on hold, and then we would leave. It’s a pretty quick errand when we don’t all go in and start combing through the books.

Whenever we would all go inside, the librarian would comment to me how confident Carman and Sudoku seemed. Continue reading

Rosebud’s First Steps & More Teeth

toddler walking

While we were in North Carolina, Rosebud took her first steps (that Marathon and I were able to verify. Sudoku tells us she had taken a few at home a week earlier!) She’s been our earliest walker, starting right around 11 months. She’s been slowly ramping it up ever since.

Walking is her preferred mode of self-transportation. Here she is, showing her stuff. This isn’t a great shot, but I like that it’s got her moving and smiling.

Rosebud also cut her 5th tooth about a month ago. Then a couple days ago, I noticed 2 more teeth on her left side, and one on the right is about to break through.

Doodle Said…(VII)

Doodle approached me slowly, with big eyes, whispering, “I hear a bomb! Listen, Mama.”

We were at my parents’ house in the living room. “You hear a what?”

“A bomb. Listen.” We listened quietly. And he moved his finger to the time of…the grandfather clock’s pendulum.

Carman’s Nuggets about Snakes

garter snake

Carman has been on a snake kick for a couple of months and is beginning to move on to motorcycles, so I thought we’d better capture what he’s learned about snakes here.

What to do if you see a snake: do not touch or approach it unless you know what it is. If you are bitten, do not panic. If it sees you moving quickly, it will think you are trying to strike it again (you really are not.)

If one threatens you, Continue reading

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