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Librarian’s Helper

library story time

We make weekly trips to our local library for books and DVDs. After Rosebud was born, I started letting Carman and Sudoku carry our returns into our small library branch while I stayed in the car with the 2 younger children. They would return books, check out whatever items we’d placed on hold, and then we would leave. It’s a pretty quick errand when we don’t all go in and start combing through the books.

Whenever we would all go inside, the librarian would comment to me how confident Carman and Sudoku seemed. They acted like little adults when they came to do the return/check out drill. After attending the library story-time about a month ago (we hadn’t attended since Rosebud had been born), the librarian invited Sudoku to help out with story-time.

The next week she read a couple of books and helped the pre-schoolers with their crafts. She did a wonderful job reading loudly and with good voice inflection, and she now has an open invitation to help out whenever our schedule allows. She has helped out 3 times now, and we hope to continue making it a weekly event.

I’m so thankful that our librarian offered her this experience. I think it is a great opportunity for her.



  1. I found your blog while leaving a comment in hummmlan’s blog, and I’m so glad I did.
    I too homeschool my children age 5 and 7and I can totally relate to receiving compliments on how confident they appear for their age. Even people that don’t comment about it directly, clearly show that look of surprise in their eyes when interacting with my children. Mini adults in the best possible light, yet retaining all other normal child-like qualities. It is amazing how the “lack of socialization” issue forever lamented by naysayers is a complete misnomer. The realization is that homeschooled children are leagues ahead of others in adapting and intermingling with society in general. This, of course, enables them to not fear authority and become productive and happy teenagers and eventually adults. Sorry for all the babble, but your blog has inspired me this morning!

  2. Milkmaid

    December 18, 2008 at 12:04 am

    Thanks for visiting. Your shop looks very fun! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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