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Month: August 2008

Defining Dysfunctional Family

Someone gave this definition of a dysfunctional family in a Sunday school class a couple of Sundays ago. I found it interesting as a sort of litmus test for how we’re doing. “A dysfunctional family is one that doesn’t talk, doesn’t feel, doesn’t trust.”

Meat Tenderizer for Insect Stings

A few years ago, I heard from a distant cousin that meat tenderizer made into a paste with water would soothe the pain from a wasp sting. I tried it out this summer on Carman and myself after getting stung. It really works! Carman went from breathing deep & squinting his eyes to breathing easy in less than a minute. Continue reading

Summer 2008 Memories. Brief.

2 family camping trips. Both ended early. Stomach virus. Sinus infection. Car camping. Primitive camping. Traveled with a loaded van pulling a small trailer with a pile of bikes on it. Took forever to pack the first time. Got better at it the 2nd time. Continue reading

The Infant Graveyard

There is a beautiful, old, wooded cemetery near our church where Marathon and I will sometimes stroll during the Sunday School hour. It’s a large place, and though we’ve been a few times, we still haven’t explored all of its nooks and crannies.

The last time we were there, we went to the far end of the cemetery. As we rounded a corner and headed toward the back, Marathon said, “This section must be for the poor” because it was absent of any large markers or headstones. The only markers were small and flat to the ground.

After getting closer and seeing how small the graves were, we realized this section was full of infants, mostly under the age of 2. There were graves with little matchbox cars and other toys on them. Continue reading

Doodle’s “Dive”

Swimming, Swimming, Swimming!

We’ve had a good week for swimming. The afternoon thunderstorms have stayed away, and we’ve had so much fun in the water! Doodle is experimenting and getting a little stronger every few days. It has been fun to see the older kids getting excited about his progress.

On Monday, Doodle was swimming with one pad in his vest. I was planning to take it out soon, so when Sudoku asked if she could try to secretly remove it, I told her to go for it. Continue reading

Can’t Get Enough of the Little Britches Series

Not long ago I wrote about how much we enjoyed reading Ralph Moody’s Little Britches. We’ve since read the 2nd book, Man of the Family, and we’re now in the middle of The Home Ranch. This series has been, hands down, everyone’s favorite. Continue reading

Doodle and Rosebud’s Swimming Progress

We only swam a couple of times this week due to afternoon thunderstorms. But Doodle was able to swim comfortably with just 2 pads in his vest yesterday. At one point, he was humming as he drifted along in the deep end. He’s figured out how to float vertically by leaning his head backwards.

Since Rosebud is my only spring baby, this is my first summer to experience swimming with a 13-17 month old. Continue reading

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