We only swam a couple of times this week due to afternoon thunderstorms. But Doodle was able to swim comfortably with just 2 pads in his vest yesterday. At one point, he was humming as he drifted along in the deep end. He’s figured out how to float vertically by leaning his head backwards.

Since Rosebud is my only spring baby, this is my first summer to experience swimming with a 13-17 month old. She has learned to blow bubbles in the water, hold her breath while I quickly take her under, and has learned to manage her breath when she’s “swimming” (I support her under her arms) with her face close to the water. Water will splash in her face, and I can hear her breathing pause and start again when her face is completely clear of the water. The breath managing is clearly intuitive to her.

The one problem is that she is fearless of the water, and I have to watch her carefully. Sometimes she pushes away from me in the water, seemingly wanting me to let go of her. She has also tried to climb down into the water by herself. She keeps me on my toes!