Backing up your computer files is one of those dreaded tasks you know you should do but is hard to get around to doing. I finally got around to backing up our computers using Karen’s Replicator, a free software tool, that works silently, lightly, and faithfully. It’s also easy to use.

The gist of the replicator is this. You select a file or folder you want to backup, and tell Karen’s Replicator where you want a copy to be sent.

You can also assign a schedule to your different backup jobs, and as long as it’s open, Karen’s Replicator will perform the scheduled backup without you having to lift a finger.

This works swimmingly on our home network. We can just back up the computers to each other. If you’re not backing up to another computer and have plenty of available memory space, you could use Karen’s Replicator to make copies of your wanted files in a central backup folder. Then you’d just have that one folder to drag and drop when you’re ready to burn a disk.

You can find Karen’s Replicator at