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Month: February 2009

Another Visitor’s Day at Ballet Class

Sudoku’s dance class had another visitor’s day this week, and we actually got some good pictures this time. We got a sneak peek of the recital dances. And I always love to watch the instructor too. She does a great job managing the girls. (I don’t think I mentioned in my last ballet post that Sudoku’s instructor has 5 – yes, 5 – children. Inspiring!)

I don’t usually post multiple pictures, so this one seems a bit excessive, I know. But we got so many good ones that it was hard to choose. So here goes.

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Her Favorite Things

Here is Rosebud with her 2 favorite possessions. (Well, one is not actually hers. The doll belongs to Sudoku, but she has never really been into dolls.) Rosebud loves her blanket – this pink blanket that’s draped over a pillow – and the doll with the smile. Have those, will travel. 🙂

Sudoku captured this shot. Thanks!

7 Odd and Interesting Things About Me

I was tagged by Wardeh to do this. I wouldn’t do this for just anyone, but I love her blogs & since I plan to drop by for a visit if I ever get to Oregon, I’ll accommodate her on this one. 🙂 So here goes…

1. Though I’m generally considered a quiet, reserved, meek person, I can be embarrassingly blunt at times.

2. I am just itching to take dance lessons – especially ballet, but I’d enjoy other types of dance as well.

3. My entrepreneurial, cabinet-making husband keeps me out of my comfort zone. He’s developing a new branch of his business, and I…yes, I am the “webmaster” of his new website. Please don’t laugh. I know the site is very simple & still needs work, but I’m so proud of what I’ve done there.

4. I hate to dust — and it shows. 🙁

5. Though my mother may find this hard to believe, I’m a habitual bed-maker.

6. My husband & I didn’t “date” each other before we were engaged. We’ve been married 12 years now.

7. I birthed all 4 of my children at home.

I don’t follow many blogs, and the few I do follow I seldom comment on (sorry!). So, here are a few who (hopefully) won’t be terribly surprised by getting tagged by me. Amy Ellen, Leanne, Stephanie.


Sudoku has gotten tired of the tangles that come with having really long hair, so we decided to cut off about 5 inches last week. She’s happy with the ease of the result. I had gotten spoiled with the ease of putting that really long hair in a ballet bun, so I’m having to work at it with this shorter hair.

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Favicon (Tiny Icon) in URL Line in WordPress

I’m writing this post so that I’ll have a quick reference when I want to change my favicon in the future and for some of my fellow bloggers who don’t yet have a favicon for their site. What is a favicon? It’s that tiny image to the right of your site’s address in the url line. Favicons also appear in most browser tabs.

Marathon asked me to figure out the how to make a favicon for our drawer organizers site. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! So here goes with step-by-step easy instructions. Continue reading

Valentines Day 2009

It is a nice, fairly warm day here today. Rosebud doesn’t need her hat on, but I wanted to get these pictures up for Valentines Day.

Mimi recently learned to knit and tackled this adorable pink “heart” hat for Rosebud. It is so cute with its roll brim and should provide years of service. Thanks, mom!

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This is What I Saw

This is what I got yesterday morning after I told Doodle to get his pajamas off & put away and to put on his underwear and clothes.

(In case you can’t tell, that’s his underwear on his head.)

A Haiku for Sudoku

My helpful daughter

Making bread, doing laundry,

Without being asked.

Sudoku has been spoiling me the last few weeks. She has taken over most of the bread-making responsibilities, and a few days ago she did 3 loads of laundry without being asked! What did I do to deserve this goodness?

Thank you, sweet girl!

[Technically, haikus are written about subjects in nature. Oh well…]

Groundhog Day

My favorite-est scene EVER! Enjoy.

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