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Month: March 2009

Doodle Said…(X)

Pointing at his foot yesterday, Doodle said, “Mama, my little piggy who stayed home got hurt.”

Doodle Said…(IX)

Picking at his vegetable beef soup last night, Doodle said, “Mama, I’m having a bad soup day.”

A Find for Ralph Moody (“Little Britches”) Fans

Fellow Ralph Moody fans, you won’t believe what we (actually my sleuthing husband) found! We just finished reading The Fields of Home, the 5th book in Moody’s autobiographical series. At this point in Ralph’s young teen-age years, he goes to spend some time with his abrasive maternal grandfather after getting kicked out of Medford, Massachusetts by the town sheriff. His grandfather lived just outside Lisbon Falls, Maine.

This book is full of trials of a different sort than what we’ve seen in the previous books. Here, Ralph’s trials are primarily relational ones – trials with an old, stubborn, prideful relative. There are lots of golden nuggets within the pages.

So what’s the “find”? Continue reading

“Are You Sure You Haven’t Played Before?”

That’s what Sudoku’s coach kept asking her the first couple of weeks of basketball practice. This was her first and Carman’s second season of Upward Basketball. They just finished the season a couple of weeks ago and had a great time.

Marathon worked with both of the kids on the goal we have out back, and it really made a difference. Though they both had plenty of room for improvement, they are both assets to their respective teams. Continue reading

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