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Month: April 2009

Soliciting Questions

Carman loves to research and share what he’s learned. He especially likes to learn (and talk!) about cars, and lately, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.

When we’re driving around town, he’ll spout out the the makes and models of vehicles we pass before we’re close enough to see any writing on them, and he likes us to ask him questions. We’ve taken to questions like, “What would be the best car for Oma?” Or, “If I was a single woman living and working downtown, what car would you recommend for me?” Or, “If I wanted a dual purpose motorcycle – a sport bike as well as a cruiser – what should I buy?” He just can’t get enough. To show it, he posted this sign outside of his area a couple of weeks ago.

Got any questions? He thinks he has good answers. And right now, he’s giving his advice away for free!

[By the way, Tom-Tom, Carman thinks your last car purchase suits you to a T.]

Quotes from Helen Keller

Carman and Sudoku are going to be involved in a public speaking group that meets for the first time in a little over a week. They are supposed to come with something memorized and should speak for no more than 60 seconds. Each student will be critiqued by a couple of parents. Then each student will be given a topic for an impromptu speech. That should be fun.

In thinking about what to have them memorize, I’m leaning toward some notable quotes. For Carman, we’ll probably use the Booker T. Washington quotes we have on this site. For Sudoku, I’m thinking of some of the following Helen Keller quotes. (My thought is that I’d like them to memorize a bunch of little nuggets of wisdom this time around.) Continue reading

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