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Soliciting Questions

Carman loves to research and share what he’s learned. He especially likes to learn (and talk!) about cars, and lately, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.

When we’re driving around town, he’ll spout out the the makes and models of vehicles we pass before we’re close enough to see any writing on them, and he likes us to ask him questions. We’ve taken to questions like, “What would be the best car for Oma?” Or, “If I was a single woman living and working downtown, what car would you recommend for me?” Or, “If I wanted a dual purpose motorcycle – a sport bike as well as a cruiser – what should I buy?” He just can’t get enough. To show it, he posted this sign outside of his area a couple of weeks ago.

Got any questions? He thinks he has good answers. And right now, he’s giving his advice away for free!

[By the way, Tom-Tom, Carman thinks your last car purchase suits you to a T.]


  1. Love it! How old is Carman? I am impressed by his confidence, creativity, and obvious grasp of the subject.

    Love, Wardeh

  2. Milkmaid

    April 22, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    Hi Wardeh,

    Carman is 11 and is looking forward to being 15 so that he can get behind a wheel.

    Being close to him, I sometimes miss the obvious. But, you’re right. He is very confident.

  3. Glad he approves. I think it was a good one too!! Mimi has come around, she calls it her car now…

  4. Here’s a question for Carman…

    “What’s the advantage of a water-cooled versus an air-cooled motorcycle engine? And which one does he think would suit Miss Stephy better?”

    Miss Stephy

  5. Ok…I admit to having the same affliction as Carman. One does NOT grow out of it at age 15! I got my motorcycle license just a couple of months back, so I have been looking at them myself. Jennifer was kind enough to track down some free motorcycle magazine subscriptions for me (in addition to all the car mags she had already found). Have you guys done that? Saves a ton. Anyway, I typically recycle all these every couple of months. Would Carman be interested in some back issues? I don’t want to cause clutter, but if its something that he would like, just let me know! Plus, it would be a good excuse to finally say Hi to you guys in person!

  6. Milkmaid

    August 6, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    I’m sure he would be interested. I can’t believe we haven’t met your family yet. Hope we can get together soon.

    Sorry for the delay in getting back with you about your water vs. air cooled engine question. Here’s Carman’s understanding…

    Water-cooled engines are more reliable at cooling engines, especially in traffic jams (when the bike is still), but they are more expensive, heavier, etc. Though the lighter air cooled bikes (again, according to Carman) are popular among speed-demons, the more casual/touring riders often prefer water-cooled engines. Since Carman would put you in the later category, he’d recommend a water-cooled engine for you. Now, maybe you’re secretly a speed-demon. In that case, go with the air-cooled engine.

    Maybe Brian will add his opinion too.

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