This spring the kids once again trained for a couple of local track meets for elementary school-aged kids. They had a good time, we had good weather for the meets, and they even came home with a few ribbons.

It was exciting (and bit disheartening) to see a friend who had had one practice run, come out and sweep first place in 2 of her 3 races. I suspect the reason she didn’t win her 3rd race was that she and a fellow runner decided they would “tie.” It didn’t turn out as they had planned.

Anyway, the kids learned about the gift of natural ability as well as the reward of hard work. (At least, I hope they did.)

The most exciting part of the “track season” was their training. We stopped running on our street in favor of making the short drive down to our local nature center. It’s beautiful; it’s not concrete. So they gladly traded their 1 mile run on the street for a 2 mile run at the nature center. On a couple of occasions they added a 3rd mile on the windy road leading out of the center. Marathon, Doodle, Rosebud and I followed along in the car, waiting for them to tucker out. But they ran to the end of the road, laughing and having fun together. I think they’re becoming friends. 🙂

Here they are ready to leave on the chilly morning of the first meet.