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Baby Powder Beats Ants

I have ants – little black ones – that occasionally come in my kitchen sink window sill and scout around. The don’t seem very smart – not like the ants we had on the farm. Those ants would find the residue from a wiped up honey drop, call all their brothers and cousins and neighbors, and march them all in a straight line to pile up on that spot. Once inside, they found all kinds of goodies that had escaped my notice.

Not these city ants. They just scout around, often not calling anyone to join them, and when they do invite company, they don’t to the single file line thing.

BUT, whether your ants walk in a line or not, my neighbor shared her non-toxic solution with me.

Baby powder.

Why? I don’t know and neither does she. But even the store brand works! I sprinkled some in my window sill, and the ants won’t cross that line of baby powder. Thought you’d like to know. Ants be gone.

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  1. Thanks for a great tip! I don’t have little black ants, but carpenter ants at times. I wonder if baby powder would work? I sprinkle cinnamon all over their entry points and most of them don’t come through any more. I love natural solutions! I’m happy for you that you found one that works for you.

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