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Biking Cades Cove

We recently returned from a fun extended-family trip to Gatlinburg. On our way home, we drove through the Smokies to the 11-mile, 1-way Cades Cove loop and biked it as a family. Here is some of the family after the ride, taking it easy in the grass and watching some horses. (Carman really isn’t a grumpy sort of boy; he just plays one in photos.)

The weather was perfect. If only we had known soon enough that the road had been closed to motor vehicles earlier that morning. Oh well, we’ll know for next time. The weekend traffic was horrendous, but we’re still glad we did it.

We started off with Rosebud on my back, and Doodle on his little seat on the front of Marathon’s bike. When we were about halfway through our ride, and the hills didn’t seem to be subsiding, and I was still the pokey one, Marathon took Rosebud on his back. He was quite the sight, sandwiched between two little people.

While making the loop we saw deer, 3 black bears, and a rattlesnake – all at a safe distance.

After our bike ride, we decided to take the 1-way dirt road out of the national park that put us closest to home. That was an adventure for our van, especially considering the 4-bike hitch on the back. We crossed fords and spun our tires a bit. Carman nearly hit the roof when Marathon mentioned using the Traction Control System. How could he, the Carman, have not known that our base model Odyssey has a Traction Control System? How?

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  1. Three Black Bears!!! What a memory-making, fun trip y’all had!

    I haven’t been to Cades Cove in a very long time! I went LOTS in high school, but I appreciate it much more now as an adult. In fact, I don’t think our girls have ever been…that’s a shame and perhaps something we should “fix.”

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