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Carman — Gaining Manly Skills

My first born is growing up and becoming more and more capable, tackling man-sized jobs. About a year ago, I stopped reaching for a butter knife to knock on difficult-to-open lids in favor of having Carman handle the job for me. I think he likes it. 🙂

After a bike ride yesterday, he noticed his front tire looking low. This morning it was very low, so he set out to patch it. He’d walked through these steps a couple of times with Marathon, and now he’s perfectly comfortable getting out the patch kit, removing the tire, locating the problem in the tube, getting the tire pumped back up and put back on.

By the time I thought about taking pictures of the process, he already had the tube repaired and was inspecting the tire. There! He found it! A tough thorn had punctured his tire. He pulled it out and carried on with the process. Can do! Gotta love that attitude – and the rooster-tail hair.

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  1. Oh! He is getting so big! What a joy to have him around the house all day when hubby is away! Can we borrow him some day?!?

    Miss y’all!

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