Whew. Last week was an unusual one for us. For starters, Marathon’s slightly famous brother came to visit, which is always fun.

While he was here Carman fell/jumped off our rope swing and broke his right arm. Hence the green (his color choice) cast that should come off in 4 weeks. In the meantime, no cycling or swimming. Ouch! During his past few sedentary days, he’s been doing some extra reading, learning some music theory and some very basic chords on the guitar (primarily using his left hand.) Tonight he called us all outside to see a beautiful sunset – something I don’t remember him doing before.

The second bit of news is that we’re going to (hopefully) be selling a couple of Marathon’s organizing products on Amazon very soon. To do this, we had to get a very official-looking bar code sticker to put on our products which should be arriving at an amazon.com fulfillment center soon. We’re anxious to see how this goes. We had thought about doing this sometime in the future. After talking about and researching it last Sunday afternoon, we decided to go for it. Thursday morning, in our pajamas, we finished pulling things together and sealed our shipping box.

What are we selling? It’s something I’ve been planning to blog about for a while. It’s a nifty little product for which we keep finding practical uses. More on that soon.