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More Ralph Moody Finds

Commenter and fellow Ralph Moody fan Patrick Garrett shared these links with me. The first is a bio at the Littleton, CO website. It tells more about Ralph’s life than I have covered in the books, so I had to stop reading about 3/4 of the way into it. I don’t want to spoil his stories for myself.

The second is a delightful glimpse of some correspondence between Moody and the Nebraska Public Library Commission in 1965. I love the 2nd paragraph in Moody’s March 19 letter that states,

As to topic and title: I presume you know that my formal education terminated at the eighth grade. It did, and from that time to this public libraries have been my school, and scores of dedicated librarians the faculty. At a very early age I learned to read from the viewpoint of the author, and when I first tried writing, at the age of fifty, I found little difficulty, for I had learned to write from reading. And because of the guidance given me by public librarians, I’ve had the best teachers in the English Speaking World — the authors of the classics. How about calling the talk [that I’ll be giving], “My Alma Mater: The Public Library”?

The photo above is from the “Official Nebraska Government Website” from a clipping from 1965. Moody died in 1982.

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  1. Una pregunta Sr. Garret:

    ¿Qué pasó con la novia de Ralph de la granja de Tom Gould?

    ¿Realmente existió?

    Muchas gracias

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