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The Tick Infest

Marathon and Carman recently did some semi-serious mountain biking. They came home sweaty and pumped about their climb. They did a tick check (found nothing) and showered. All seemed happy-happy.

In the middle of the night, Marathon woke me. Something was irritating him and he couldn’t sleep. After my eyes adjusted to being awake, I checked his ankles, and I could see little, tiny dark dots on him. You’d think they were freckles, except that he doesn’t have many of those. I actually got out Carman’s magnifying glass to get a closer look. They were ticks. I must have gotten about 20 off of him. We woke up Carman and found 2 on him.

A couple of days later, something was irritating me. We found 2 on me too. Thankfully no one has gotten a rash or fever. But these were so tiny – less than half a millimeter or smaller in size – they must have been the infamous deer ticks.

Having a few friends in the area who have had serious battles with lyme disease, I know some of those little critters pack a really mean punch. Sobering thought that so many were in our house.


  1. Milkmaid

    September 22, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    Creepy indeed. Quite literally creepy. We thought about getting one of those bug bombs for the house, but decided against it.

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