Rosebud is potty-trained! She’s been somewhat potty-trained for a while, but accidents are quite rare these days. She often naps dry too. A few weeks ago she decided that she preferred the big toilet to her little potty. So, I’ve put the training potty in the van. It has been a life-saver on more than one occasion. Great work, Rosebud!

Doodle completed the Teach Your Child to Read book a couple of days ago. So today he read Go Away, Dog by Joan L. Nodset, a “Shared My First Reading” book from the My First I Can Read Book series. I’ll have him read simple books we have around the house and ones I get from the library. Hopefully, before too long, he’ll be reading for pleasure in bed before the light goes out.

Carman is 12 today. In our house, that means he receives the journal Marathon and I have been keeping on his behalf. Tonight it becomes his private, personal property. I wrote my last entry today. It’s wild to think that we’ll likely only have him for half the amount of time that he’s been with us so far. Oh my! Time flies.