Yesterday was a gorgeous day here. After a couple of weeks of gray skies and rain nearly every day, the sky started clearing over the weekend, and was beautiful yesterday for Doodle’s 5th birthday.

A benefit of homeschooling and being self-employed is that you can take the day off if you want to. We wanted to yesterday, and though we didn’t take off the whole day, we went to our River Park for a walk/bike/skate outing. Rosebud and I strolled along. Most of the time, it looked like this in front of me.

Occasionally Rosebud would get out of the stroller, and it would look like this.

And for a few fleeting moments, I saw the rest of my crew having a grand time. Like this…

And no, I didn’t mind walking with just Rosebud. The quiet was heavenly.

Later we had cake and opened gifts. Carman and Sudoku gave Doodle cards that he had to read to find his gifts. They all had fun with that.

Hope you had a great yesterday too.