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Lost Tooth

Doodle's favorite lost tooth pic

Doodle has lost his tooth. I mean, it came out of his mouth, and it is lost. Gone. Poof.

I think we may be jinxed in the lost tooth department.

My first tooth was washed down my grandparents’ sink when I tried to clean the bloody thing. Carman’s first loose tooth was pulled out with a piece of string, shot across the floor and was never found. Sudoku swallowed hers when she was eating lunch. (Marathon has never mentioned losing a lost tooth, but for whatever reason, our kids are following in my steps. Hopefully Rosebud will buck the trend some day.)

A couple of nights ago, while Marathon was playing with Doodle and Rosebud, Rosebud bumped Doodle’s mouth and out came the tooth. Doodle feels certain he didn’t swallow it, but we’ve looked and looked and can’t find that tiny baby tooth.

Marathon sent the Tooth Fairy an email, explaining the situation. Doodle was delighted when he found some dinero under his pillow this morning.

mom's favorite lost tooth pic

Later he got a twinkle in his eye as he speculated about finding his tooth, then putting it under his pillow, as if he had lost a 2nd tooth. With eyebrows rising and falling he said, “Maybe the Tooth Fairy will give me more money!”

But no. We’re not going to trick the Tooth Fairy. Anyway, I’m pretty sure she has x-ray vision, you know.

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  1. Hi, Gregg Green here. I’ve commented on your blog previously about Ralph Moody, and sent a couple of letters I had received from him. I was looking to see if anyone had contributed recently, and saw the “Lost Tooth” entry. It reminded me of a funny story we had with my 8 year old last year. He too, had a tooth come out unbeknownst to my wife and I. I saw it on the coffe table laying unattended and asked him if he was going to put it under his pillow that night so the tooth fairy would come. “Nah”, he said, “I stuck it under there last night and she never showed up”. Kids little pearls of wisdom can be priceless!

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